Clear Heart Counseling offers customized, compassionate counseling for individual adults and couples. In addition, we have an ongoing Men’s Group.  Please read on to learn more about services.

Individual Therapy

Individual adult sessions are 55-minutes long and focused on helping you with long-range goals while supporting you as new issues arise. I have experience helping individuals process and heal from depression, relational problems, co-dependency, grief and loss, childhood sexual or physical abuse, childhood neglect, parenting issues, men’s issues, cultural and sexual oppression, creative blocks.  Learn more about Individual Counseling.

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Couple Counseling sessions are either 55 or 70-minutes depending on goals and budget. My philosophy in working with a couple is to help each partner honestly look at how they are contributing to relational patterns.  With expanded awareness of the patterns, I help partners identify when an undesired way of relating is happening, communicate in healthier and more connecting ways, and make different choices in relating. Learn more about Couples Counseling.

Men’s Group

Process groups are an efficient and cost-effective way to learn and change how one relates and feels in groups and in their family. Men in our society often feel emotionally isolated and limited in their ability to express themselves in authentic ways.  The goals of the group are to to help men build better relationships, build skills and confidence in fully expressing themselves, and feel more holistically empowered with their masculinity.  Group is starting in early 2018.  For more information, please see the announcement.


Please contact me to learn more about any of the counseling services.