Men’s Group

Exploring Authentic Masculinity

Men in our society often feel emotionally isolated and limited in their ability to express themselves in authentic ways. The goals of this group are to help anyone male-identified to build better relationships, develop skills and confidence in fully expressing themselves, and feel more holistically empowered with their masculinity.

We will do this through safe and honest conversation, interpersonal processing, and mindful/experiential exercises. We will explore, discover, and practice being authentic with each other and in our lives. We will also cover ongoing social topics and their impacts as they occur incorporating a holistic masculine perspective.

Specifically, this group is for anyone male-identified who wants:

  • An experience of being able to step into authenticity.
  • To share and receive support in applying authenticity in life.
  • To gain confidence in moving towards relationships with compassion for self and others.
  • To explore meaning and dynamics of changing masculine roles.
  • To reflect and explore impact, meaning, privilege, and responsibility of masculinity in light of recent media revelations related to sexual assault.
  • To examine what is keeping them from having satisfying intimate relationships.

Contact the group facilitator for a free 20-minute consultation about the group.

Open to: Anyone male-identified and all sexual orientations.

When: First three Thursday evenings of the month from 7:00-8:45pm

How Long: Ongoing. However, a 3-month initial commitment is required.

Cost: $90-150 sliding scale per month (insurance is not accepted for this group)

Facilitator: Stuart Malkin, MS, LPC Intern (supervised by Stephen Keeley, LPC, CHT)

Contact: Stuart at 971-266-1693,

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