About Stuart Malkin

Stuart Malkin, Clear Heart Counseling
Stuart Malkin, Clear Heart Counseling

I changed my career in mid-life after working in the software industry for 20+ years. I was living my life in automatic-pilot, being influenced by the draw of money and recognition while at the cost of human connection and authenticity. While going through a divorce in 2006, I was greatly helped by counseling. The work I did then put me on a path of discovering who I am and how I want to serve in the world. And I chose to serve in the world by offering counseling services with the hope that I can assist clients have more connection and authenticity in their lives too.

I moved to Portland in 2009 from the Bay Area, and started making the transition to mental health by volunteering on crisis lines, studying mindfulness-based psychotherapy, and enrolled in a Graduate degree program in Counseling. I live with my spouse, two step-children, and a cat, who believes he is a dog.  In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, exercise, and geeking out in fantasy role-play.

Approach, Education and Training

I incorporate mindfulness-based approaches of Hakomi, Recreation of Self (RC-S), attachment work, and trauma resourcing.  In supporting couples, I draw on PACT, Gottman (level 1), and some EFT and experiential work. I completed a Masters Degree in Counseling in Clinical Mental Health at Portland State University. In addition, I completed a year-long internship practicing mindfulness-based, somatic therapy approaches with the M.E.T.A Counseling Clinic.  Previous to my internship, I had completed the two-year M.E.T.A. Comprehensive Training program. I also assisted in teaching the M.E.T.A Comprehensive year one program in 2015 to deepen my training.

If you would like to learn more about me, my services or schedule an appointment, please visit my contact page.